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art3p is a “solopreneur” for consultancy and project management within the hospitality industry. starting with development, finding the right brand positioning until the right sales strategy is set up – art3p is a specialist when it comes to successful hotels.

in and around munich art3p develops and realizes projects from a to z. art3p doesn’t simply sell work hours – no it’s the tailor-made concepts that lead to success. the credo of art3p is the art of marketing, because product, price and place is nothing without passion!

who is

art3p = pEtra

with a diploma in tourism management – with key focus in destination management – petra has become a marketing specialist for the last ten years now. she gained and developed her know-how with companies like starwood hotels & resorts, the ascott ltd, sv hotel and the privately owned hotel bayerischer hof in munich. living abroad for some years deepened her love for travelling and strengthened a mutual understanding of new cultures and foreign languages.

she started her first steps in the field of corporate sales. bit by bit she grew in the very wide and colorful spectrum of marketing. today she reveals that it’s not only a perfect marketing-mix that leads to success – it’s the belief and passion for your product or service that sells.

privately, petra has sustainably lived off her way all over the alps from munich to venice in 28 days. there’s nothing that’s not possible as long as you believe in yourself and your strengths. it’s the small step that counts – because only when you’re willing to suffer every phase of the way (or project) you’re privileged to achieve big goals.

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