boutique bed & breakfast

the idea

at some stage every chef would like to open his own restaurant… and so does art3p! art3p auch! it’s not about a restaurant but a very special project that promises a unique and primarilly real guest experience..

repositioning: the guesthouse 2.0

“host“: not a lot of staff but a lot of personal service

bed&breakfast: „live like a local“ – guests love to be connected AND independent

boutique: design leads the way, but doesn’t need to be the leader – „find something they don‘t have @ home

marketing is key: small sized properties follow a unique marketing concept that allows 10% of revenue for charitable objectives.

the concept


the idea of hosting is not new but art3p adds the little design aspect that makes you feel comfy: upcoming designer get a platform to showcase their work and to sell it. the word “boutique“ becomes not only a direction of style but a marketplace for the art works.


the centerpiece of every guesthouse! design, warmth and unique hosts accomplish the perfect stay. to cater our guests with an individual an unique service we only offer a small number of units. starting from 800 sqm gross floor area the concept can be implemented.


„mom‘s best dish“ served at a big table. local touches make foreigners to be local heroes. While getting the best insider tips from the host guests can chat with others and connect fairly without any app.

how to get in


worked up curiosity? interested to get more insights?
let art3p know what strikes you!